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What is a podcast?

Podcasts are shows, interviews, stories, comedy sketches, lectures, audio articles, anything that works as spoken word.

In 2004, former MTV video jockey Adam Curry created podcasting. His goal was to create a platform that combined the listening experience and human element of talk radio with the increasing popularity of blogging.

Podcasts can be chatty, narrative, informative, and explore any subject matter under the sun.

What makes podcasts unique?

Podcasts create an intimate listening experience in which listeners can learn, laugh, ponder, and enjoy stories, among other things.

They get all the benefits of reading and listening to the radio combined, and can enjoy them either at home or on-the-go. They can listen while commuting and multitasking, on their phone, computer, or tablet.

Podcasts are convenient and accessible, and open up the content-consuming experience to people who may not have the time or ability to read frequently in the traditional sense.

Nothing is too niche

Edison Research estimates that there are over 750,000 podcasts. Comedy is the most popular genre of podcast, followed by education, and then news.

Within those major genres, there are a plethora of topics, and there is an audience for each one of them. No subject is “too niche”.

The more specific your topic, the more focused your marketing, and the more likely you are to find the right audience.

How can podcasting with Poise benefit you?

For content creators, podcasting can elevate your brand and invite an even bigger audience to partake in all you have to offer.

Podcasting can boost SEO and expand audience reach, as well as giving your current audience something fresh to enjoy.

Turning content into a podcast is no easy feat. Poise takes that job on for you.

With your needs in mind, Poise takes your content and produces a professional, engaging podcast that your existing audience can enjoy -- and that new listeners can discover!

Podcasts for independent publishers

As bloggers and online publishers, you already put so much effort and personal investment into your brand.

You are busy responding to messages from your readers, cultivating your visuals, and managing your social media accounts.

You don’t have the time to learn new skills, buy expensive new equipment, and invest hours recording and producing your content.

When you delegate all that to Poise, you can enjoy all the benefits of a polished podcast -- increased community engagement, more brand exposure, a new audience -- without exhausting your valuable time and energy.

You will end up with a final product that truly reflects your messaging and your branding in a new medium.

Podcasting for marketers

As marketers, you know more than anyone how important it is to keep exposing one’s content in as many places as possible.

You know the benefits of podcasting but don’t have the in-house resources to produce audio content.

You have the budget and the savvy to invest in growing your business, but don’t feel comfortable making the commitment to hire someone full time to focus on creating this kind of content.

Working with Poise gets you the product you need without having to make that commitment.

Poise are a cost-effective and simple way to create a podcast that will reap several benefits for your business: increasing brand awareness and loyalty, expanding audience reach, boosting SEO, acquiring more customers, and building trust with them, both new and old.

5 reasons publishers should make use of podcasts

  1. 1 It will help develop the authoritative presence of your brand.
  2. 2 It will expand your audience reach, which will direct more traffic to your brand and help you acquire more customers.
  3. 3 They’re cost effective, especially with Poise.
  4. 4 It will help you boost your SEO. Much like blogs, utilizing the right keywords will catch the attention of people using search engines.
  5. 5 It will help you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Giving them something they can enjoy while engaging with your brand will make your business-customer relationship flourish.

The main barriers to consistently producing engaging audio content

The steep learning curve

It may sound easy, but podcasting requires a myriad of skills.

Making something that sounds good means learning how to narrate -- or to find a quality narrator -- learning how to record, how to use high-end equipment and software.

After spending time and energy learning how to do all that, you then need to learn marketing, branding, IT troubleshooting, and more. It’s a lot to learn!

Finding (and affording) the right equipment

That high-end equipment we mentioned? It’s necessary to produce clean, professional sounding audio.

This means a microphone, an interface, a popscreen and headphones, cables, software, padding to isolate sound… all that stuff racks up to be a pretty pricey investment.

And even if you can afford it, it takes a lot of research to know what to buy.

The time consuming process

It should be clear at this point that creating a podcast yourself is a major investment of money, energy, and time.

Content creators and marketers are very busy people. You already do so much to make your brand everything it is.

You don’t have spare time to take on this monumental project by yourself.

How does Poise makes podcasting easy?

The above challenges don’t need to be deterrents to making your content into audio. Poise removes those barriers and does the work with expertise and attention to detail.

We understand each aspect of the production process, from content editing to marketing and everything in between.

We put the time in to make sure you get exactly what you need, without having to struggle through those barriers.

How does Poise work?

  1. 1 We edit your content and prepare it for audio.
  2. 2 We produce your podcast as a series, which can be hosted on any platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) and embedded on your website for easy sharing.
  3. 3 We advise you how best to use your new podcast to build your audience and monetize.

What kind of content can become a podcast?

It might come as no surprise that blogs and other informative/personality-led content like Medium articles or online essays would translate very well to a podcast.

But there are other things that can be successful as audio that you might not expect!

Company materials like eBooks, manuals, in-house content specifically for employees, etc. can also make a good podcast.

Whatever you have to say in writing can also be said out loud!

How does Poise edit my content?

  1. 1 We transcribe your content and get a feel for the rhythm. This way, we can find exactly where natural breaks occur, and we can split it up into separate episodes.
  2. 2 Some of the original text may need to be slightly adapted to be less visual and more narrative, in order to make sense to the listener.
  3. 3 We then craft an introduction and a conclusion for each episode. This makes the podcast flow smoothly.

How do I measure return on investment?

Your podcast will be widely distributed. We give you access to advanced analytics that can be tracked through hosting platforms.

Comment sections provide a space for your listeners to voice their thoughts and show their engagement, and they can also give you a rating.

You should include Calls to Action in your episodes that your audience can respond to.

As your podcast listenership grows, you should constantly interact with your audience and see for yourself how this new foray has built upon your brand to yield excellent results.

What is the schedule?

With Poise’s help, your new podcast can fit into your content marketing strategy.

We work to your publishing schedule, and can begin adapting before or after a post is published.

We can help you strategize and plan out the next three to six months of content.

Ultimately, we can help you figure out what schedule works best for your content, specifically.

How do I promote my podcast?

With the help of Poise, you’ll be able to share your new podcast with a massive audience.

Poise can answer any promoting questions, and will teach you how to show off your product in the most effective way.

We show you how to embed the podcast on your website, making it a home base for your existing audience, and for any newcomers who look into your brand after listening.

You should regularly promote your podcast on social media, include it in email newsletters, link to it in email signatures, and mention it in webinars.

Poise can even create audiograms and small clips that you can share with others to peak their interest and invite them to listen further.

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